August, 2012
Branding for Casa Atacama
October, 2011
  • TaskGovernment, Culture and Heritage, Branding, Communications, Content, Research and Design, Logos, Copy Writing.

Antillanca is a mountain and ski resort set deep in the Puyehue National Park, surrounded by native forests, volcanoes and lakes. It is an ideal place that offers various ski slopes for beginners and experienced skiers with guaranteed safety and quality. It also has a restaurant and a spa.

Develop the communication strategy and new graphic line for the National Library on its bicentennial.

The project lasted for three months. The first stage was a deep assessment of the brand’s status and communications. In the second stage, we worked on the conceptualization and exploration of potential communication lines.

This way, we created a graphic line and art direction proposal, developing a style that was consistent with the concepts we wanted to highlight in the logo, the font and the color palette.

On the other hand, we worked on basic corporate texts: discourse and key messages, press kit, definition of stakeholders and institutional style manual.

Finally, the project culminated in the delivery of a comprehensive communications plan for 2013, which proposed milestones, messages and communication actions to generate an impact on the country.

All the actions of the strategy we developed were implemented by the National Library in the year of its bicentennial and are also projected towards the future.