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July, 2018
  • TaskPublishing, Communications, Branding.

Development of La Tienda magazine for Movistar and retail stores from 2014 to date.

Develop a bi-monthly publication to showcase Movistar products and services in all Chilean stores, communicating the company’s spirit and values.

First, we worked on copy writing, but given the fact that Movistar needed to highlight their business offering, we decided to develop products and services using a strongly holiday-related concept (the first issue was about Mothers’ Day, the second one was about snow, etc.).
In May, 2014, 100,000 copies of the first issue were printed and distributed all over Chile. The following issues have maintained the overall structure with a few changes in design and the integration of new content to consolidate brand values, business objectives and the identity of the magazine.

The first issue was put together in only three weeks and it surpassed all expectations and benchmarks within the company, not just in Chile, but also in Argentina, Spain and the other countries where Movistar has business operations. The following issues have also been well evaluated, leading us to increase the number of pages and printed copies, including new sections and distributing it directly to Premium Movistar customers.