Falabella Connect Campaign Catalogues

Falabella Gamers Catalogue
March, 2018
Falabella Christmas Catalogue
December, 2017
  • TaskPublishing Design, Content Management and Printing Supervision.

Falabella is a Chilean department store that is over 100 years old. It is found all across the country and in several other nations in Latin America.

Fully manage and develop the printing of product sales catalogues for Falabella Connect, conveying the identity and the strengths of this area specialized in consultancy for telephone products and services.

We developed a design proposal based on Falabella Connect’s identity and the company’s brand values, highlighting their strengths and business cores.

We have been developing catalogues for Falabella Connect since 2016, emphasizing the identity and innovative vision of this new area and stating the company’s expertise in consultancy for mobile phone products and services.