Viña Koyle Website
August, 2017
Sitio Web Franciscomorande
July, 2017
  • TaskWeb Design, CMS Configuration, Websites, Tourism, Hotels.

Hotel Oceanic is located on the coast between Viña del Mar and Reñaca. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean with a panoramic view that conveys the feeling of being over the sea. This boutique hotel seeks to deliver maximum comfort and an excellent service.

Create a website that reflects the experience of being on the seashore, peace and a privileged view, conveying these attributes through graphic and communication elements.

We redesigned the website using graphic elements and contents, conveying the hotel’s identity, the experience of being on the seaside and the place where it is located.

Design and programming of a responsive website that can be managed entirely through the WordPress platform. Content loading, development of a user manual and training.