Sitio web Cabañas Quebrada Verde
June, 2017
Sitio Web Cascada de las Animas
April, 2017
  • TaskWeb design, CMS Configuration, Websites, Tourism, Hotels.

Antillanca is a mountain and ski resort set deep in the Puyehue National Park, surrounded by native forests, volcanoes and lakes. It is an ideal place that offers various ski slopes for beginners and experienced skiers with guaranteed safety and quality. It also has a restaurant and a spa.

Create a website that displays dynamism and a wide range of services with the feeling of being surrounded by snow and nature, conveying these attributes through graphic and communication elements.

We redesigned the website using graphic elements and contents, conveying the ski resort’s identity and the experience of being deep in the snowy mountains within a national park.

Design and programming of a responsive website that can be managed entirely through the WordPress platform. Content loading, development of a user manual and training.