Branding for Indigo Patagonia
March, 2011
Branding for Noi Hotels
February, 2011
  • TaskTourism, Hotels, Restaurants, Branding, Content, Research and Design, Photography, Printing Management, Production Management, Signs, Logo, Stationary, Brochures, Copy Writing, Signage and Printing Supervision.

After Casa Atacama, the Noi group embarked on the construction of their second hotel, located in one of Santiago’s finest neighborhoods. Geared towards top-tier executives and tourists – mainly foreigners – the challenge consisted of positioning the hotel in an innovative, clear way, standing out from their direct competitors.

We worked on brand architecture, design, photography production and provided support to strategic management through communication guidelines (for the hotel and its four restaurants). Their differentiating aspects were defined as exclusivity and being at the forefront of a new concept in hospitality, its cosmopolitan nature and connectivity (privileged location).

They recovered their investment in one year, making it the most profitable hotel in the chain. We immediately got them noticed in the industry, placing them in the competition among the major “cool” hotels in Santiago. We developed their entire identity and won the Australis 2011 award for the quality of our stationary. We were also selected to appear in Hotel Brand Identity, developed by Monsa publishing house.