Branding for Noi Vitacura
March, 2011
  • TaskTourism, Hotels, Restaurants, Branding, Content, Research and Design, Photography, Printing Management, Production Management, Signs, Logo, Stationary, Brochures, Copy Writing, Signage and Printing Supervision.

Casa Atacama, Noi Vitacura, Puma Lodge, Índigo, Crusoe Island Lodge and Hare Noi.

Develop and consolidate the Noi Hotels brand as the first exclusive hotel chain in Chile.

As a chain, Noi still lacked a graphic identity, so, Zet decided to develop a comprehensive branding strategy to transform Noi Hotels into a group with common corporate values for all of their hotels: quality, excellence, warmth and exclusivity. We developed a branding strategy, logo design, corporate stationary, brochures, and carried out content management and editing.

Although we developed a specific identity for each hotel, the holding group is the cornerstone of the Noi Hotels communication strategy. We managed to convey that Noi Hotels is a great brand that is above all other hotels.